Service & Repairs

Specialising in electronics repairs in the world of music. Vast experience working on amplifiers, pedals, DJ equipment, outboard studio gear, custom cabling, utility boxes and rack builds. Get in touch for a quote!

Price Guide

Retube and Bias - $100 (Price of tubes not included)

Amp Tune up - $150+ (Includes cleaning of all tube sockets, jacks and connectors. Tightening of hardware. Internal assessment of voltages solder joints, wiring and components) Retube and bias if needed. (Price of tubes not included) SVT’s + $50 surcharge

Speaker Replacement - $60+ (price of speaker not included)

Pedal repairs - $75+ (Includes 45 minutes labor) Repair parts not included.

Other electronics - $75+ - Get in touch with what you’ve got.

Additional labour - $100 per hour

Custom pedals, cabling, utility boxes and rack builds - Get in touch for a quote

Repair quotes: We require an up front, non-refundable fee of $80 for repair quotes. This will be deducted from the repair total once complete.

Diagnostic fee for amplifiers: $80 (This is paid up front and non-refundable wether the item is fixable or not)

Minimum bench fee: $35

Non-Refundable Bench Fees Schedule:

Prior to receiving servicing and/or repair for any device or instrument, a non-refundable bench fee per device or instrument is required. This fee remains non-refundable regardless of the serviceability or repairability of the device or instrument, even if it proves to be impractical to repair due to factors such as part availability.

These fees encompass the time spent acquiring necessary documentation, assessing the item, researching the availability and pricing of parts and/or materials, and providing an estimated cost for service and/or repair. The fee will be fully credited towards the final invoice upon completion of the service and/or repair. All fees listed are inclusive of GST, and do not cover postage or handling costs

Terms & Conditions:

The quote provided is valid strictly for a period of 30 days. While every reasonable care will be taken, no responsibility will be assumed for the condition of the equipment. The minimum turnaround time for any repair is 14 days from the date specified in this quotation. 

Extra costs may be incurred if further issues are discovered after the equipment has been restored to a functional state. Please note that all digital patches, settings, or presets may be lost during the repair or assessment process.

Repairs are covered by a 90-day warranty, which does not extend to instances of misuse or damage not caused by Beaver Teeth Electronics. Tubes aren’t covered by warranty. Goods left uncollected may be disposed of or sold to cover repair or assessment costs in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1995.

Ownership of all goods, materials, and intellectual property provided by Beaver Teeth Electronics, as referenced in the final invoice, remains with Beaver Teeth Electronics until payment is received in full. Failure to settle outstanding payments may result in the suspension of services and/or incurring additional fees.